Advertising reaches uTorrent with ‘featured torrents’

Responsible for uTorrent, one of the best BitTorrent clients with 125 million users, today announced a new version in the coming weeks that will include advertising by ‘Sponsored torrents’.


A significant development is causing discussion on the official forum and that those responsible advocate of the need to raise revenues to maintain and improve service.

The torrents ‘sponsored’ will be offered to artists, filmmakers and game developers or applications. But has not been finalized, we assume all outside the circle of Hollywood, record labels and large developers who have spent entirely on P2P networks as a means of distribution and other have used other Linux distributions to launch safely and quickly without spending its own resources.

As you can imagine and read uTorrent users are divided on the ad. Some consider it acceptable for maintenance while others asked to be as least invasive as possible, which can be canceled or to be included in an additional tab concealable.

A few, do not know if thinking that the air service remains, reject it head on, but uTorrent has clarified that the paid version Plus for Windows does not include it.

We’ll see how it is implemented in the next version to be released in the coming weeks and will also include bug fixes, performance improvements in magnet links or streaming playback as well as network resources to increase the speed of the torrents.

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