Amazon is going to show its own Android smartphone in the autumn and Priced at $150?

The rumors that Amazon is working to create their own phones went from the end of last year, when the American company has been actively interested in the patents in the field of wireless communications.

Amazon Smartphone

However, due to leakage of information from the mill contract manufacturer Foxconn has been known that the device has already acquired the final shape and Amazon will be releasing its own Android smartphone in November 2012.
Naturally, at this point specifications of Amazon smartphone first-born are still unknown, however, oddly enough, is now available first hypothesis about its value. Amazon originally planned to compete with Android-devices in entry-level and Apple iPhone, for which chose a very aggressive pricing – the cost of its phones will be about $ 150 – $ 170.


In fact, if you remember the 7-inch tablet Amazon Kindle Fire in a very affordable $ 199 (and the same Nexus 7 for the same money), then the future of the smartphone sales with a minimum margin and now there is nothing strange. With solid sales and a huge amount of content that the company will offer a smartphone owners own store is quite possible to afford to sell the unit at cost or even below it.


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