Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet is coming on September 6?

The giant U.S. online commerce has issued invitations for a press conference near Los Angeles. As per the sources, it directly points to the presentation of Kindle Fire 2 which is a fifth version of the Kindle may be presented on this occasion.

Kindle Fire 2

Commotion of battle at Amazon. The retail giant has invited the press to a special presentation on September 6 in Santa Monica, near Los Angeles. The company did not specify the purpose of the conference, but it is organized by the division that deals with the Kindle, the e-ink reading light. Everything leads us to believe that the company will launch its Kindle Fire 2, a tablet with a color LCD screen of 7 inches and running Android.

And, even more than the Kindle Fire’s first name was introduced a year ago, September 28, 2011, and its sales – very strong in 2011, with a floor price of $ 199 – have collapsed in, 2012. The arrival of the new iPad tablet and Google Nexus 7 has complicated the end of life of the Kindle Fire, which is still not found in many countries, while Amazon heard the market before the end of the year.

Amazon has chosen this time to beat Apple, which has announced a mini iPad, with a screen of 7.8 inches, 12 September, at the same time as the new iPhone. Besides the tablet space, Microsoft unveiled on October 26. The Kindle Fire 2 will be presented together with a new Kindle, as was the case in September 2011. This fifth version would allow Amazon to consolidate its leading position on the market map lights, while the new Kindle would address the hegemony of the iPad.

The computer giants Apple, Google and Amazon spend so 7-inch format as the new standard for tablets. iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire 2: the choice may be difficult for the holiday season.

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