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Amazon with UpNext: Creating 3D Maps and apps

Amazon has made an unexpected move by buying the young company’s scheduling UpNext, this became known to journalists GigaOM from an anonymous source. This UpNext Company specializes in mapping services, including 3D-card.

Amazon UpNext 3D Maps

History repeats itself, is not it? In the past, Apple made a similar move, this will be the result of its own 3D-maps in iOS 6, and Google also announced a similar product. Now Amazon is also moving in this direction.

At this point in the Kindle Fire no built-in GPS navigation software and GPS-receiver, but buying UpNext hints that the next tablet of Amazon would be much more interesting than its predecessor. There are also rumours that Amazon will be launching its own smartphones.

The source said that investors will receive at least five times the profit from the invested funds in the past. UpNext was founded in 2007 by four enthusiastic, supportive relationships with each other ever since college, where they became good friends. Until 2011 the founders of a startup funded by themselves, but in March last year expressed an interest to him, several investment firms, including Lowercase Capital, Bullet Time Ventures, Box Group and PKS Capital. In the first phase of funding the project received $ 500 thousand in the current cartographic database includes data for 50 U.S. cities, 23 of which contain detailed maps, including 3D.