AMD Richland, successor to Trinity APUs will be coming in 2013

AMD is launching a new line of APUs Trinity and do not imply that no further work on what will be the future chips. Next spring will see the light line AMD Richland of APUs manufactured in 28 nm and are left to guess early 2013.

AMD Richland

Share the current nomenclature Trinity APUs, i.e. Ax xxxx. If you add a K at the end are chips with unlocked multiplier. APUs will be working on FM2 socket. The APUs AMD Richland arrives as a platform to introduce a new architecture, Steamroller for the CPU and architecture GCN for the 2D/3D graphics and GPGPU.

The A6 model xxxxK enjoy 1 Mbyte L2 cache and 192 Radeon cores cache with dual graphics support. The top-end quad-core, xxxxK A10 will have a GPU with 384 Radeon cores.

The most basic model is the A4 chip that will xxxx TDP of 65W, 1 MB L2 cache, 128 Radeon Cores.

All support Turbo Core and Blu-ray 3D-A4 except AMD Richland.

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