Android Jelly Bean updated smartphones, tablets and CyanogenMod 10 list

Now, as we know Jelly Bean is no longer a collection of news and rumors to be a reality thanks to some developers and few of the people can enjoy Jelly Bean update in their phone now, I have come to know by the Android community that Smart manufacturing companies are going to be in the steps that will give the update of Android v 4.1 Jelly Bean for your smartphones and tablets. So now you can know a roughly idea that when you are going to get into your smartphones or tablets.

Jelly Bean
I begin with the worst, and that the companies Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony have nothing clear about the upgrading, no dates for update of Android Jelly Bean for their already launched smartphones and tablets.
What is more worrying is that some still have to pass over Ice Cream Sandwich, and many of the smartphones have not received ICS update even.

Jelly Bean v41

Obviously, how could it be otherwise they will be first and have updated the Nexus and Motorola Xoom WiFi middle of this month, though of course as they develop the software version. The only smartphone that has not been named is the Nexus One that has already been quite outdated and some of them do not seem to get any update.


The company first made an announcement that we will not say anything here because important and basically circled on that when they see they will update or not, as no one was left as issued a second statement which said the first devices to receive Jelly Bean will be the Nexus.

This second operation I think is worse than the first because basically said something that was obvious, since the phones are Nexus “Google” and instead is not named the company’s flagship Smartphone Galaxy S 3 , although obviously receive the update does not appoint us to get a little nervous.



Apart from Xoom 2 and probably that will be updated in July seems that the other smartphone at the end and no one actually know anything, and after the words addressed to ICS who doubted their Gingerbread improvement in contrast, does not encourage anything face to Jelly Bean

In HTC, Asus, Sony and LG nothing could be said, so that in general the companies except Google does not have revealed anything to any source.

In contrast, the Scene, oh, the wonderful Scene that has made a few hours of filing Jelly Bean and could be used in some terminals, are likely responsible for us to enjoy the 4.1 before it comes out officially.

Then we leave the development strategies of the two teams now more relevant picture of the ROMS are:

The great Cyanogen who are about to get its stable CM9 has announced that once the complete and we can enjoy Ics will be made to work in CM7 (Gingerbread still remains an important sector) and CM10 (Jelly Bean) announcing that it is probably supported by all devices that support CM9 you do that for some devices is the only way to have Jelly Bean at your smartphone and tablets.

Jelly Bean


The computer revolution has released today its latest stable version of ICS, called Milestone 6 from which have announced they will develop Jelly Bean and when, but seeing the speed they have had in develop their versions, we can’t expect much waiting.

It also can’t be said that it available before by other teams or individual developers, and the scene is the scene, without the means of large companies pick up the source code that Google brings to the public domain and ROMS are equal or superior quality to them.

So, what we can actually do is just “waiting” for unofficial updates for Jelly Bean which could be bring by CyanogenMode 10 or AOKP. Let’s see what will happen. Stay in tuned for more information. You can like us at “techjailbreak27” on Facebook as well on twitter @techjailbreak27.


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