Android Ouya game console for $ 99

Game console Steam Box was successfully launched by Newell hearing, rather than mythical set-top boxes. Newly launched Ouya game console is like a silver cube which has got pretty good specs and features.

Android Ouya game console

The characteristics of Android running Ouya game console is pretty interesting – the quad Tegra 3, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB flash.

This new Android Ouya game console have HDMI 1080p HD, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth LE 4.0, USB 2.0, Android 4.0 – all standards of a modern tablet. The only difference between Android Ouya game and a tablet in the price tag of $ 99 and the display. And yes, I almost forgot to discuss that it comes with the wireless controller with a standard console layout. And that changes everything.
This Android Ouya game console comes with one-button. Give gamers a normal control and display images on TV and they will run to take their tablets in a pawnshop.
Including designer Yves Behar, who worked on the project OLPC, no more no less than $ 950,000 were invested on Android Ouya game console. And judging by the start they are quite able to collect the required amount.

Android Ouya game console

But, so do we need a prefix for Android? Given that television is inserted quad-core processors, and striming ovye gaming services like Gaikai, is about to learn is not to pass without delay, short-distance static picture? Again, iPad perfectly connected to the TV as a controller, and Android, you see, will soon learn the trick.

However, developers are urged to modify the community structure and attract all the openness of the platform. But is it so important to gamers who want to just play and not dig into the settings and firmware. In the end, they have to do, and so is the PC.

In short, I personally believe more in the mythical Steam Box and Apple iGame, than in the success of Ouya. Is there something elusive from OLPC, which seems to be distributed as in some countries, but no good of it?

And what do you think about this new Android Ouya game console? But $99 attractive price could change the stats of Android Ouya game console.


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