Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth gameplay

Rovio has released an update to the latest version of the saga Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth, with twenty new levels with prominence for Princess Leia and the cold planet Hoth.

Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth

The update of Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth is free for this amazing version in the futuristic universe of Star Wars created by George Lucas.

A little surprising is that the binding of this legendary saga of science fiction (with new trilogy in 2015) and the best selling game in history on mobile platforms, is being a success.

Success in the digital world and the physical as Rovio has just opened the first store in few of countries, for sale of soft toys, key chains, shirts, mobile accessories, stationery and all kinds of merchandising of Angry Birds.

Amazing how a simple game mechanics can be achieved such success … Now, you can download Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth and try new levels in the cold planet Hoth, Leia and shooting rays everywhere.

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