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Apple is going to launch a small iPad, and Amazon – the big Kindle Fire

New York Times raised the issue of the iPad with a reduced relative to the current model of screen sizes, and spoke about the new tablet from Amazon.

tablet - kindle fire 2 and Apple mini iPad
Earlier, the successor of the Amazon Kindle Fire mentioned in DigiTimes, and China Times, but they said it was a compact 7-inch model with improved in comparison with the original specifications. After all, we have to somehow compete with the tablet Google Nexus 7, which is technically superior to other serious solutions of this kind in the price range up to $ 250. In turn, journalists, New York Times, citing its own anonymous sources, say that Amazon is also working on a larger model Kindle Fire. Similarly, the diagonal of the display is not named, but earlier rumours of a 10.1-inch device.
Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Apple is planning to enter the market of compact tablets to compete with Amazon and other manufacturers of the 7-inche display devices, as also mentioned in the article New York Times. On the iPad with a diagonal of 8.7 inches within previously reported Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. In the present situation, said about 7.85 display iPad, which “will be much cheaper than the younger 499-dollar model, iPad, and will be announced this year.”

With the release of Microsoft’s Tablet market situation has become hot even more, and competition will increase, although ultimately the consumer will benefit from this. So, no one known actually knows what we will the surprise from Apple and Amazon. If that will be beneficial for both manufacture it can’t to be confirmed but Kindle Fire 2 and mini iPad will be good options for common people.