Apple is preparing a new headset for iPhone 5

Vietnamese site has repeatedly published the interesting facts about the unknown products Apple, whether it is not released or never released solutions, is the prototype. In this case, it showed unusual headphone company, which may very well equipped with the next iPhone 5.

iPhone 5
In Vietnam is part of the production capacity of the company Foxconn, producing all products for Apple, with which they may be linked to this kind of leak. Headphones have a very extraordinary design. They do not look not only to the presence on the market the Apple – Earphones droplets provided with the iPhone / iPod and intracanal In-Ear Headphones – but also quite different from any known devices of this kind.
Each headset has two metal mesh abstracted audio outputs and one would think that Apple has used a pair of reinforcing emitters, both in intracanal model. But usually reinforcing the headphones do not have any extra holes in the model in the back of any. The fact that this product is Apple, evidenced by the on cable. So, it could be the official accessory of iPhone 5.
In addition, the headphones do not have built-in microphone, while the 3.5mm audio jack 4-pin, like a headset. The quality of the sound source is silent, saying only that the headphones fit better in my ears than the old drop, and do not cause discomfort.

Recall that the iPhone 5 announcement is expected on September 12 .

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