Apple iTV: Latest news and expectations

Apple has made good name in iPads and iPhones, and now thinking of bringing the next big thing to your living room, the Apple TV. Apple CEO Tim Cook has given the hint in early 2012 that Apple would like to do something different than its current devices.

Rumours are high that Apple is partnering with US cable providers to bring new version of its existing Apple TV box. Manufacturer Foxconn had also given hint that it is going to start manufacturing Apple’s new device.

Apple may decide to name the TV as Apple iTV or Apple iPanel. If Rumours are to be believed, iPanel looks stronger contender.

Apple iTV: Latest news and expectations

What to Expect?

Apple TV would be a smart TV,  likely to include facial and voice recognition, the Siri and iSIght features. The design would resemble that of the Apple Cinema display.

As far as the specification goes the predictions are that it will have A5 processor. The video display would be minimum of 1080p video. Apple might introduce the TV in various sizes. The likely sizes are 32-inch, 55-inch and 60- inch.

Who will be the manufacturing partner for Apple in making the TV? Some believe that Sharp could be appointed as the manufacturing partner. It is also learnt that the manufacturing of some of the key components have already started. Last year Sharp had made an announcement that is had started the production of 32-inch HI-DPI LCD panels. This could be the TV panel for Apple’s device. Apple could partner with Samsung also as a manufacturing partner.

Apple iTV: Latest news and expectations

Some intelligent features might get included in the TV such as clever sound system which will detect users presence in the room and its distance from the TV and adjust the volume accordingly.

With the introduction of 4K features, there could be a possibility of we getting 4K display (i.e. 3840 x 2160 resolution). In that case LG would manufacture those displays.

The TV would run on iOS operating system, the new iOS 6 Beta could take the place of operating system, will solve the compatibility issues with iOS devices. Apps on your iPad and iPhone screens would likely to take place on your TV as well.

As mentioned, the TV will have voice and face recognition; the voice recognition will be at the center that will let you control the TV functions like choosing channels and volume adjustment. Apple could use the universal remote that will be compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iTV. Gaming could be a major focus of the new device. Apple could produce a Kinect-style gesture-based console.

Apple iTV price and release date

We do not expect the iTV to be priced less than $1,500 or  even $2,000 for screen with sizes between 42 and 55 inches. The device will be twice the price of a similarly sized TV. Apple might cut down the prices provided the price of the LCD panels goes down in next 6 to 8 months. This will also decide the release date of the Apple’s new device.

Most rumours predict that Apple will release the TV in late 2013 or even early 2014. Christmas holidays seems to be ideal time for Apple to launch the new product. No doubt we will wait eagerly for Apple to bring the high performing and feature rich TV soon.

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