ASUS ET2701INTI touch All-in-One with Windows 8: Review & Specs

This ASUS ET2701INTI AIO model, All-in-One PC 27-inch is certainly expensive, but has a complete multimedia equipment and an excellent screen. It is powerful and its touch interface works perfectly with Windows 8.


The new computer Asus 27inch AIO ASUS ET2701INTI is distinguished by its excellent touchscreen and rich multimedia equipment. It meets all the requirements.
The promise

Asus offers a new version of its PC all-in-one 27-inch running Windows 8 and with a touchscreen. The model ASUS ET2701INTI B023K gives pride multimedia with digital tuner, a Blu-ray and a 2.1 sound system.


The model ASUS ET2701INTI takes exactly the same great design as its predecessor and found perfectly into your living room. The 27-inch high definition touch (1920 x 1080 pixels) offers good brightness and excellent contrast. It is a pleasure to watch their photos and videos – especially Blu-ray – but must pay attention to reflections. The touch interface is very responsive reveals Windows 8 and can enjoy all the features of the new operating system from Microsoft. However, Asus delivers little software leveraging the interface. Only programs Fingertapps instruments (simulation of musical instruments) and Asus Video Easy (video editing simple) worth visiting.


Complete multimedia equipment


Audio quality is the rendezvous with a small external subwoofer shaped diamond that plugs into the side of the screen of ASUS ET2701INTI. Again a real pleasure for Blu-ray, in addition, Asus delivers a good-sized remote control. The latter has a touch of “Media Center”, but this module is not present in the home version of Windows 8. Fortunately, Asus delivers programs ASUSDVD (DVD playback and Blu-ray) and ArcSoft TV 5.0 (using tuner). You can also connect a game console to the HDMI input of the PC and use the screen as a monitor. The connection is complete with, among others, two USB 3.0 ports and one eSATA port located on the side of the screen. No Bluetooth on this model, but the Wi-Fi n. The mouse and keyboard also receive a wireless interface and are of good quality.
Full power
With its muscular equipment, the ASUS ET2701INTI B023K is a versatile machine that offers very good performance. Core i7 quad-core processor at 3.1 GHz is swift enough to realize intensive work such as video encoding and circuit GeForce GT 640M can play comfortably. Thus, measured maximum speeds definition display about 38 images / s for the game Resident Evil 5 and about 34 frames / s for the game Dirt 2. Storage is provided by a 2 TB disk that has a high speed of 7200 rev / min. The machine is fairly quiet at rest (32.6 dB) but gets quite noisy in heavy use (41.7 dB). Power consumption varies between 72 and 173 W depending on usage and the power adapter is quite bulky.
The verdict
At around 2000 euros, the Asus All-in-One PC – ASUS ET2701INTI is a complete multimedia machine and swift enough to meet all needs. We appreciate the quality of the screen and the audio system, as well as Blu-ray. The touch interface works perfectly with Windows 8, but it is unfortunate that Asus does not deliver more programs to take advantage. Finally, this machine has a nice warranty of two years.
This was all regarding the ASUS ET2701INTI All-in-One PC, which is complete with power but the price could be the issue for many.

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