ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 Graphics Card: Review & Specs

Every month new Graphics card are hitting the market by different leading vendors and few of them are only working on Over Clocking of graphics card and here we have a best example of overclocked graphics card i.e. ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 which is actually the over clocked version Video card Radeon HD 7970 family, unlike many of his predecessors made a splash, and the modest parties that are imported to different countries for several reasons literally disappear from store shelves in a matter of days. And it is – a $ 500 card. We decided to explore the possibility of the production of the flagship ASUS – top model ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5. On a product level indicates DC2T suffix in the title: series DirectCu II is by far one of the most recognized and well-established, and the letter “T” (TOP) indicates that we face – absolute Hi-End.


Design and Layout Features

The model under consideration comes in the typical ASUS bright packaging with a picture of the Dark Knight.

Graphics card ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 immediately makes an impression of good high-end products.
Judge for yourself: the model’s exclusive cooling system is destined to occupy three expansion slots; own board literally “armor-clad”.

As mentioned above, the specific design clearly indicates that we face – representative of the ruler DirectCu II. Plate covering the back of the PCB, has three small cut. One is made so as not to interfere with capacitors soldered opposite the GPU, the other two provide access to a special “overclocking” points on the PCB and casually hint at hidden features of the model.

By ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 can connect up to six displays, two through connectors DVI, four – through full-size DisplayPort. In contrast to the reference version of the map, the user will not need to look for an adapter from mini-DisplayPort.

The cooling system of this model has a very complex structure, although in principle no different from other top coolers products.

Heat is removed from the power subsystem and memory chips provide heat distribution plate, which is simultaneously a stiffener board.

The graphics chip is cooled by a cooler on the basis of six heat pipes. They stamped the ledge beneath the crystal GPU. Purged design two slow 100mm fan. The plate on the back of the video card performs exceptionally decorative function. Octal card is equipped with two additional power connectors.

Scope of supply presented a poor set of standard adapters, bridges CrossFireX, a set of instructions and a CD with software. Of special mention is a small radiator, designed to power subsystem – it is useful to extreme overclockers, the crowd removed native CO.

The card itself is very different from the reference – the manufacturer has applied advanced power system. Implementation of technology VGA Hotwire allows solder to the points on the back of the PCB wires that after connecting to the corresponding connectors top motherboard ASUS will control the main supply voltage via the interface card UEFI. It is a very specific solution and not the most comfortable. But in the OS zone ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 is undocumented features: the desired effect, extreme overclockers can achieve soldered between each of these points and the “ground” variable resistor of low resistance.


Normally ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 operates at 1000/1400 (5600) MHz. This is one of the best in its class.

Today the popularity of the particular parameter “ASIC Quality”, most often called “quality of the crystal GPU. The higher this figure – supposedly the lower default voltage power chip and above its dispersal in air cooling. However, such data are ambiguous, and they do not pay much attention.

We will not go into a detailed study of the characteristics of soldered components on the card. We note only that the manufacturer uses memory chips Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR R0C, totaling 3 GB.

For the user, who bought ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5, the main criteria determining the choice, no doubt is the noise level and performance metrics. To evaluate the effectiveness of the cooling system considered, we compared temperature readings ASUS card with the data on the reference model Radeon HD 7970.

The noise level was estimated using the device TDJ-814, located at a distance of 1 m from the open test bench.

Impressive, is not it? Since ASUS uses in this decision of the High fans with large diameter fan – even at low speeds they provide acceptable cooling performance, almost pretending to work.


Map pleased overclocking – without raising the supply voltage is stable at frequencies of 1155/1780 (7120) MHz. Need more? I guess there is nothing easier you might think – should only pull the sliders in Afterburner or GPU Tweak Tool. But it was not there. On the other, ASUS engineers have provided users with enough tools to significantly speed up the model ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5. By accepting all the risks manipulation with a soldering iron, automatically rejects warranty, the manufacturer receives a 100% “idiot-proof” and greatly reduces the number of calls to its own service centers. It is no secret that the manipulation of high supply voltages purposefully or inadvertently can damage the adapter from the system, but to prove the guilt of the user resorted to software adjustments, almost impossible.


To evaluate the performance of the model was to build the test with the following configuration:


Processor Intel Core i7-2600K;
cooler Scythe MUGEN 3
Motherboard ASUS Maximus V GENE;
RAM Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey DDR3-2133 2 × 2 GB;
Drive Kingston SSDNow! V + 64 GB;
Power Supply Enermax Revolution 85 + 1250W;
OS – Windows 7 x64, the driver – Catalyst 12.6

The purpose of publishing these results – to give an opportunity to assess the advantage of ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 over the reference adapter.

In addition to the resistors connected to the control points, we note the capacitor and inductor, rewired to the back of the PCB. Either specially or negligently ASUS engineers made sure that they normally interfere with the installation overall CO (cups for LN2). Have to “fix”.


ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 is one of the fastest graphics cards to date. Manufacturer did to even demanding users simply set it to the PC and enjoy the picture quality, along with the level of performance. At the same time caring for overclockers is significant but is mixed impression. On the one hand, the opportunity is simplified hardware modifications card in the sales package has a separate cooler for the power subsystem. On the other – possible software control supply voltages are very limited, and the implementation of “almost permissible”. We would not have to focus on the features of the ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 off-design, do not give reason to the manufacturer.

But again from the point of view of an ordinary user to view the model – the perfect choics. Significant factory overclocking allows the model ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 significantly outperform competing solutions in the normal mode, and an elaborate system of cooling is very effective and at the same time quiet, which clearly showed the results given measurements. But most importantly, perhaps, is that ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 creates the impression of a high-to-one product, this Hi-End in “Shell”, the image component of being the best on the market. Blocking two expansion slots – a very small fee for silence in operation and impressive appearance, but if with the free slots on the motherboard you tight and no daughter cards in any way – just in case, keep this fact in mind.

+ Design
+ video output configuration
+ overclock
+ Silent

– Map has three expansion slots
– Limits of voltage regulation

This was all about the ASUS HD7970 DC2T-3GD5 Graphics card which is one of the fastest available overclocked graphics card.

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