ASUS ROG CG8580 Gaming PC: Review & Specs

Company ASUS offers its own version of an ultimatum game platform, which is based on a quad-core Intel Core third generation and most productive, the GeForce GTX 680. ASUS ROG CG8580 – is the name given to the system, owned by the ruler of devices for the most demanding users Republic Of Gamers. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this desktop.

Even on the external appearance of the ASUS ROG CG8580 device is easy to determine that this is a serious gaming platform. In developing the original case for the ASUS ROG CG8580, designers used the image of the bubble to the surface of the submarine, cuts through the water column. The ultimate realization of an idea can be considered quite successful – PC looks very impressive. The device has a strict form of chopped and titanium exterior color emphasizes militaristic style.
ASUS ROG CG8580 gaming PC is running on platform the processor Intel Core i7-3770K. The model belongs to the family of 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge chips and supports Hyper-Threading, which allows it to handle up to eight data streams. Operating clock speed Core i7-3770K – 3.5 GHz with ability to dynamically accelerate to 3.9 GHz due to the mechanism Turbo Boost 2.0. However, the caveat is that even in normal mode, the processor in the ASUS ROG CG8580 is initially running at such high frequency – 4.2 GHz. And this is just the beginning. An exclusive feature of the system – the additional boost processor using Turbo Gear. In the upper left corner of the case is a special key “Speed”, clicking on which you can increase the CPU clock frequency from the default 4.2 GHz to 4.4 GHz, and the second press the button activates the maximum acceleration mode – 4.6 GHz.


The very process of change takes place in “seamless” mode. The user is not required to restart the system, or even turn off the running applications. If you need more power – you just have to click on. The system automatically selects the appropriate values of the divider, voltage and other parameters to CPU running stably at higher frequencies. Distinguish the current mode simply even visually. If the processor is running at 4.2 GHz, the logo on the front and the region highlighted in blue, and in afterburner at 4.4 / 4.6 GHz, the same elements are painted in an aggressive red.



To ensure the system after such a serious overclocking, to remove heat from the processor ASUS ROG CG8580 uses liquid cooling system. In this case, it is a productive CBO Asetek 550LC with a powerful pump dimensions and radiator unit..
ASUS ROG CG8580 comes with GeForce GTX 680 2GB – the most powerful to date single-chip graphics card from NVIDIA. In this case a modification to the reference cooling system. The advantage of this solution is that the cooler takes the hot air out of a PC. Besides full-time CO, equipped centrifugal fan works reasonably quiet even under full load.
Graphics card is based on the top-end processor architecture with GK104 Kepler, and supports the most advanced technologies, including advanced smoothing algorithms TXAA, FXAA, and physical effects processing engine PhysX. Graphics card allows you to simultaneously connect up to four display devices, and use 3D Vision mode with three monitors.


ASUS ROG CG8580 to apply well-equipped motherboard chipset Intel Z77. This is the most functional solution for the platform LGA1155. Enhanced circuit voltage regulator controlled by a digital controller Digi + while an additional chip EPU VRM allows to optimize for maximum energy efficiency platform.


The ASUS ROG CG8580 system is equipped with 8 GB (2×4 GB) DDR3-1600 memory. A similar amount of RAM is enough for any modern games. ASUS ROG CG8580 uses a hybrid disk subsystem, which includes a solid-state drive and a pair of HDD. For the fastest loading, operating system and application software installed in this case on a fast SSD with capacity of 128 GB. Depending on the task, two HDD (7200 rpm / min) 1 TB each, can be used either individually or create one RAID 0, thereby obtaining high-speed storage capacity of 2 TB. If reliable data storage has a higher priority, it is possible to use them in RAID 1 mode with full redundancy of all data available on the disk.
To ensure a stable power platform used for quality PSU 700W with high efficiency (over 88%). A good supply of power can count on trouble-free upgrade in the future.
Externally impregnable body is very easy to use. On the top edge of the front wall is a set of interface connectors: a pair of USB 2.0, two connectors USB 3.0 as well as the headphone output and a jack for connecting an external microphone. Area with ports located at a certain angle, in a position convenient to connect the device, regardless of where you installed the PC case, on the desktop or under it.


Front panel of ASUS ROG CG8580 effectively moves down. Over the door are a multi-card reader, and three bays 5.25-inch devices. One of them was originally occupied by the optical drive Blu-Ray. Despite the fact that a prior CG8580 is a powerful game platform, the model for a PC there is a place for the highest quality video, including HD-stereoscopic content.



Another slot is shopping for internal hard disk 3.5″ interface SATA. To connect a drive, no need to open the housing wall, connect the power and interface cables. The whole procedure is simplified installation HDD.


We mention one more practical point. The top panel of the case there is an indentation with a grooved surface, where you can conveniently locate the drive, headset or other external peripheral device connected to the interface connectors on the front panel.
Fans of quality sound in all its manifestations certainly appreciate the presence of a discrete sound card ASUS Xonar DX in ASUS ROG CG8580. Despite improvements in integrated solutions, only a single device with a high-quality route and digital-to-analog converter capable of providing crystal clear sound. Dolby Home Theater will give a chance to feel the benefits of surround sound, and broad support for gaming effects will fully feel the atmosphere of the virtual battlefields.
Another optional expansion card installed in the PC – module 802.11n. Ability to work with wireless networks Wi-Fi is becoming standard, even for desktops. There is nothing easier to share and synchronize data with mobile devices.
ASUS ROG CG8580 is available with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). After the official announcement of the new OS from Microsoft, the owners will have the opportunity for a minimal fee to upgrade to Windows 8. Of applied applications of note are proprietary toolset AI Suite II to configure and monitor various system parameters, as well as editor ASUS Music Maker, which allows you to easily create musical compositions nontrivial.


Peripheral devices with ASUS ROG CG8580


It is difficult to overestimate the role of the mouse and keyboard in a situation where the capabilities of these devices are often dependent on the outcome of the battles virtual fields. Complete with computer ASUS offers quality mechanical keyboard.


Having a guaranteed number of clicks at 50 million, it could be one of those things that will be inherited. No extra buttons, colored “smart” keys, sliders, knobs and other distractions – only strict forms, classic layout, distinctive click, and increased reliability.


Also included in delivery of gaming mouse with laser sensor – ASUS CX900. The model has an ergonomic body shape with a comfortable grip and pleasant to the touch matte finish. Using a special key on the body can quickly adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, is also possible to download the pre-configured profiles. During major combat operations every detail can determine the outcome of the battle, because special attention paid to the details that do not seem important at first glance. CX900 has five special grooves for laying the cable, allowing you to configure the optimal position. To balance the unit and adjust the total weight, the mouse is equipped with a removable drum set weights.


Specificity powerful gaming PC is that they are created using the most productive parts. These platforms are very sensitive to the possibility of any subsystem, because all the components must be optimally balanced. In this case ASUS ROG CG8580, the best results are guaranteed.


Despite the fact that the ASUS ROG CG8580 was originally designed as a high-speed gaming solution, easy to use and virtually unlimited. If necessary, it can successfully deal with the role of a serious functional workstation or entertainment system.


ASUS ROG CG8580 is an attractive option for those who are ready to purchase an uncompromising gaming PC. Compiled from the most productive and high-quality components allow system without restrictions enjoy modern games with the highest resolution and quality graphics. Unique feature instant boost Turbo Gear provides a level of performance that is not yet available for the desktop operating normally. And this means that your PC has a strong foundation for future performance. This was all about one of the most promising ASUS ROG CG8580 gaming PC.

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