ASUS Tutan CG580 Gaming Desktop PC review

The ASUS Tutan CG580 FR003O is a beautiful machine upscale player. Priced at 3000 euros, it is a technological showcase of the Taiwanese brand that contains all the components necessary to be quiet for several years. A little noisy, it is a very serious alternative to Dell Alienware.

ASUS Tutan CG580

This desktop PC player signed for Asus includes a lot of good art components. SSD Raid 0, TB of storage and a high-powered graphics card, enough to play for hours without problem.

The promise

Best known for its motherboards, graphics cards and notebook, Asus also designs office PC. Generally, its creations are rather oriented upscale, carefully mounted and well equipped for the price. The ASUS Tutan CG580 FR003O is a beautiful desktop, sold on the website and has a strong case, especially for the players. After Medion, Asus is submitting its weapons of mass destruction in our test panel. See how it comes out!


Behind its relatively sage box (for a player), the ASUS Tutan CG580 conceals a beautiful engine. Almost as expensive as some configurations of Dell Alienware Aurora, this machine combines all the latest components in a medium sized box. It can slip easily under a desk and announces its presence by a few blue LEDs when lit. Once unscrewed, one can only admire the quality of the editing and layout well thought of the container. Moreover, the development opportunities offered by the housing are huge, Asus has chosen as standard components. You can, for example, add a hard drive in the machine, mount a removable media front or change the graphics card. Considering the variety of connectors on the entire machine (audio, USB 2 and 3 video, network, module Wi-Fi, etc..), it is unlikely that you fall short of your helmets taken, USB keys, external hard drives, printers and other webcams.

ASUS Tutan CG580
Computing power and SSD

To ensure that no recent game or cannot come to the machine default Asus selects the powerful Intel Core i7-3770k (four cores, eight threads) which is by default at 4.2 GHz (instead of 3.5 GHz) and can go up to 4.6 GHz just by pressing the small button Speed on top of this case. Chip is cooled by a kit watercooling (water) which consists of a radiator and a fan of good size, fastened on the rear wall of the machine. In a test, it was observed for ASUS Tutan CG580, the machine sometimes had some crashes. It is clear that the performance gain between 4.1 and 4.6 GHz is about 3 to 5% depending on the game. Using this method does not therefore justify, but even offer extra functions, as long as it is stable and to the point! 16GB of DDR3 memory occupy all locations on the motherboard of the machine. Two Sandisk SSD of 128 GB each are connected in Raid 0 and two hard drives of 2TB (4TB total) host your data. Velocity Raid SSD is impressive (909 MB / s read, 602 MB / s write), games and Windows 7 launch very quickly and the machine is monster responsiveness. Finally, read or burn DVDs and Blu-ray, Asus provides the reader / writer adapted.

The GTX 680 roars

To play back in Full HD without any concession on the details, you need a graphics card worthy of the name. Asus uses the latest creation upscale single chip from Nvidia, the GeForce GTX 680. In the test of gaming for ASUS Tutan CG580, scores ranged between 92 and 200 frames per second and displayed in Full HD on our 30-inch screen (2560 by 1600 dots), the card generates between 50 and 100 frames per second without any harm, depending on the game used. Impossible that you cannot find the video output on your screen because the card has two DVI, one HDMI and one more in DisplayPort. However, like any game machine, the ASUS Tutan CG580 energy is voracious. Armed with meter, it was measured power consumption of 76 watts on the desktop of Windows 7 and 430 watts (446 watts in Speed ) when you play a video game graphically complex. In addition, the large ventilation machine (two large 120mm fans very thick) is really audible: 49 dB measured in full operation (against 36 dB idle). The wearing of headphones is highly recommended! Fortunately, Asus has placed a good audio card Xonar dedicated in the machine. It gives very good results with the headphones but also with kits analog or digital audio (S / PDIF).

Asus delivers a keyboard and mouse game with the ASUS Tutan CG580. The mouse is a model Asus GX900, which connects via USB to the machine and which has a laser sensor (4000 dpi). It has six buttons which one to choose a profile prerecorded by you in the operating software, and another to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. You can also adjust the weight of the mouse using small weights to stay in a special compartment under the mouse. The keyboard, meanwhile, is pretty solid proof to outbursts of anger but its mechanical keys are very noisy. It is possible to swap the WASD keys against blank orange, to better identify the penumbra: but practice a little gadget.
The verdict

The T ASUS Tutan CG580 FR003O is a beautiful machine upscale player. It is a technological showcase of the Taiwanese brand, a dream PC that contains all the components necessary to be quiet for several years. For the price, we would have liked it to be a little more discreet and Asus mounts a suction fan at the front of the machine to bring fresh air to the hard drives and SSDs.


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