AVerMedia Live Gamer HD: Review & Specs

Avid gamers often want to show off the passage of a game in front of their friends, but to record the video does not always work, but here is something to solve this problem, AVerMedia Live Gamer HD – video capture device that allows you to record video to HDMI.

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD
In Box of AVerMedia Live Gamer HD:

In the box we find the following items: the actual capture card (installed in slot PCI-Express), is a button to start and stop recording (connects to USB-port), CD-ROM with software and drivers, HDMI-cable, audio cable and two adapters – “HDMI to DVI” and “DVI to HDMI”. Also included is a user, the talk in detail about all the possible ways to connect video sources to capture board.

In Installing AVerMedia Live Gamer HD there is nothing special – install the card in the system unit, connect the unit to the button on the USB and put the software and drivers (you can use the bundled CD, but it’s better to download the latest version of the software from the official site). With the connection of devices from which you want to record, as is clear – video of the device connected to the HDMI-input board, and if you want to see at the same time on the screen image being recorded, connect another HDMI-cable into the motherboard and connect it to your TV or monitor. By the way, except for an external device such as a game console can be connected to the board … card in the same PC – is useful if you want to capture video from your own computer, but its capacity is insufficient to render the simultaneous play and capture video. In this case, you can not only connect to the instructions in the gap between the video card and monitor (or “output video card – Capture Card – Monitor”), but in parallel (“the first video output – monitor, the second output of the video card – Capture Card”). In this case, the system has an additional monitor AVERMEDIA HD, which should be on the Windows duplicate image with the main display.

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD

It should be also noted that the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD cannot record content protected by HDCP – for a gamer is primarily means you cannot use the device for video capture from the console Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360.
Interface with proprietary software RECentral as simple: the main menu, except for news reports of the company, you have access to the settings of video capture, video broadcast on the Internet and view the recorded video. Settings are available in three different modes – for the novice and more experienced users and “professional.” You can select the video resolution, the maximum bit rate, sound, and set hotkeys start and stop video capture. The maximum resolution of the final video of 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames / sec or 1280×800 – at 60 frames / sec, the maximum bit rate – 20 Mbit / s.

The available options in AVerMedia Live Gamer HD to select the video input available – apparently, they are designed for other products of AVerMedia, equipped with a component video input and D-Sub. The program supports multiple configuration profiles, allowing you to quickly switch between different tasks to capture. When running program, hardware button glows a soft red and flashes slowly during capture, if the software is running, click on the button which starts it.
The quality of the captured image from AVerMedia Live Gamer HD was at an altitude of – losing it, perhaps, only the video recorded with Fraps, and even then only slightly.

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD – a very interesting device that allows you to carry out video capture via HDMI. A hardware encoder allows you to record video, even on relatively low-end PCs, as its resources in this process are not used. In addition to a simple recording, Live Gamer HD can be used to implement an online broadcast, and there will be a very useful opportunity to mix a secondary audio. Except that you can complain about the lack of component in video input, the inability to write protected video and the relatively high cost.

+ Excellent video quality
+ Do not consume system resources during capture

– Records only with HDMI-input
– Doesn’t record content protected HDCP

This was all about the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD video capture device and its review. In our thinking this is one of the best device of its kind but due the limitation of “it can’t record right protected videos”, you may think about other device of same kind.

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