Bad Piggies Rovio, the alternate universe to Angry Birds

Rovio has had great success with its casual game Angry Birds and subsequent saga that has led to the birds pissed into the space provided to kill pigs who stole their eggs.

Bad Piggies

Now the company has just announced Bad Piggies game, which will be released on September 27, and will put us in the point of view of the pigs in this popular game.

As announced by Rovio creator of Angry birds, that this new upcoming Rovio game i.e. Bad Piggies will come to Mac, iOS and Android on September 27 and for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PC afterwards. Rovio has got already a lot of fans all over world by just its single game Angry Birds now no doubt new Bad Piggies game will get free promotion because of Ravio popularity rather than this brand is promising lots of fun in new game which is just defined by its name, so let’s wait for 27th September for the release.

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