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BenQ SH940 Projector Specs and Review

SH940 is a projector from BenQ which combines the image quality that you would expect from a Full HD model with high brightness. Since improved resolution usually means a good quality of the image, the SH940 is considerably better than other models on the market.

This model is designed for business presentations and you can be sure that you’ll make a good impression with it. This applies for situations when you’re presenting in front of large crowds, in auditoriums and conference halls. You will find that the video formats which are offered by this model are many, including the already mentioned 1080p or 1080i, but also including 720p, 576p and 480p. This projector will give you up to 5 times more details than you would get from a regular projector which offers 480p video.

The projector comes with the HQV engine which processes images and does it very well. It will convert SD and HD content to an image that is almost as good as Full HD content, by scaling the quality of the picture. The image engine will work just as well with both digital and analog sources.

BenQ-SH940In addition, this model also has a feature called RoomView, which is Crestron supported. This feature allows a projector manager or someone from IT to have access from a central location to all the projectors in the facility, by using only one station to control all of them or just one.

The SH940 BenQ projector comes with a zoom option as well, which enhances up to 1.5 times. Thanks to this feature, you can use your new projector with your old ceiling mount. You don’t have to reconstruct it just because you’ve got a new projector, you only have to use the features of the SH940.

Even if you’re not an expert in projectors, this model gives you a bit of help so you can install it without worrying that a slight mistake will cancel your efforts. It has the lens shift option, so it will compensate for any errors on your part. You can use the lens switch to move the image by up to 125% down or up, or 40% to the right or left. Thanks to this feature you will be able to compensate for a slightly bad position for the projector.

This projector from BenQ is also designed to consume as little power as possible when it’s in standby mode, at only 0.5W.