Buffalo Ministation : World’s thinnest portable hard drive

Recently Toshiba has launched world’s thinnest portable hard drive, the Toshiba Canvio, which is 9mm thick and 150gm in weight slightly thicker and heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S III phone. Going beyond Buffalo has announced that it is going to launch even thinner and lighter hard drive than the Toshiba’s Canvio.

Baffalo has named the new hard drive as Buffalo MiniStation HD-PUSU3. It is going to be a 2.5 inch hard drive (HDD) with 500GB of storage capacity. The Buffalo MiniStation will be 140gm in weight with thickness as less as 8.8mm. The dimensions are going to be 115mm x 79mm. Buffalo managed to keep the weight down by using aluminum casing. The case is anodized to keep it scratch resistant.  The Buffalo MiniStation will be offered in 3 different colors viz. Red, black and silver.

Buffalo Ministation
Buffalo Ministation: World’s thinnest portable hard drive

The Buffalo MiniStation will be a USB 3.0 hard drive with one single cable would be enough to handle both data transfer and charging the hard drive.

 Buffalo will launch the Buffalo Ministation in Japan next month and subsequently in the other countries. Slightly on the higher side in cost,  the world’s thinnest portable hard drive will be at $130. We still need to see what additional features Buffalo Mininstation will have in terms of its connectivity; hopefully it will have bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that will enable the hard drive to connect any device and operating system using Wi-Fi connectivity.

So if you are interested in portable storage device with as thin and as light as Buffalo MiniStation, you would certainly wait till the next couple of months. We will keep you posted on the market launch of the Buffalo Ministation.

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