Buy Nexus 4 & its silicon cover on Sale

Google has finally released on new smartphone Nexus 4 as planned. Finally reached to the market model of 16 GB for € -349 -, the 8 GB for € -299.

Nexus 4

As shown in Google Play delivery takes place between 3 and 5 days from today, so this weekend we will see in the hands of the general public the new smartphones Google.

Moreover, in the Play Store available silicon cover similar to the iPhone 4/4S. It’s kind of silicone that covers only the sides of the terminal protecting against minor knocks.

It costs € 19.99 and is a recommended buy if we consider the nature of the back of the smartphone, glass, and adds only 20 grams to the device.

But the bad and good news is:

Google has sold in thirty minutes, all the available stock of Nexus 4 in Play Store and 16 Gbytes.

The news is on the one hand, as expected, shows the great appeal for a smartphone that sells high-end from 299 euros free of ties with operators.

We also noticed the lack of foresight of Google, the number of devices and users concerned.
The smartphone will be delivered in 3 to 4 days. Good marketing for Google but also criticized management. It is unacceptable that a device is going to be a best-selling insurance runs out in half an hour when it was launched a few days ago it was announced.

So, it was good news for Google who sold all stocks in just 30 minutes and bad for those who was unable to buy Nexus 4.

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