Christmas Light Switch Buyers Guide


Have you ever thought about taking your Christmas lights display to the next level by adding Christmas light switches? It’s the perfect time of the season to get ready for the holidays and start planning your decorations. Fun light displays are a critical part of holiday decorations and there are a lot of factors to consider. One overlooked factor is how you plan to control your light setup. Keep reading to learn about the best Christmas Light Switches & Control Kits for this holiday season.

Christmas light switches can do the following things:

  1. Connect lights to flash along with music
  2. Control Christmas lights from a remote
  3. Create a colorful display of changing lights
  4. Make turning on lights a fun experience

Best Christmas Light Switches

1. BN-LINK Mini Wireless Remote Control Outlet

This wireless remote control Christmas light switch is great for controlling outdoor lights. It’s an extra long range remote which means you can manage lights as far as 100 ft away. This pack comes with 5 remotes which means you can manage 5 different light displays at once! They are best for Christmas lights but nothing is stopping you from using them year round. They can control anything from lights to speakers to air conditioners.

2. Treemote Wireless Remote Switch

Reaching behind the tree to plug it in and turn on the lights can be a hassle. This Treemote wireless remote switch can solve your problem easily. Plus, if you have kids they will love using this switch to turn the tree on and off. For this low of a price point, anyone can buy this remote switch.

3. ECOPlugs Outdoor Light Timer Remote Control

This waterproof yard stake acts as a timer, remote control, and power outlet. This is a must have for creating the perfect light display outside. It’s programmable so you can set your lights to turn on from dawn till dusk or in intervals of 2 (2,4,6,8 hours). Just set it and forget it because it will remember your desired schedule and repeat it every day. Simply, all you have to do is push timer, select time, let it work and the next day it will work same schedule as set before.

4. DEWENWILS Outdoor Indoor Remote Control

What if you could turn on Christmas lights, holiday decorations, landscape lighting fixtures, and other appliances with just a push of a button from inside your house? This indoor remote control makes that possible. It’s easy to use, quick to install, and will work for many years to come. It is a heavy duty extension cord which you plug the lights into, and the remote control can turn them on and off. It’s basic but it gets the job done at a cheap price.

Christmas Tree Light Kits W/ Remote Switch

 1. Star Shower Tree Dazzler LED Light Show by BulbHead

This is an amazing invention that was featured on Shark Tank. Read more about the innovative Christmas lights here. This product offers a creative solution to the problem of tangled & complicated Christmas tree light setups. All you have to do is place a ring on top of the tree and lights drape down along the tree. Then, you can arrange the lights easily and use a remote control to press for 16 different light patterns.

2. MZD8391 Color Changing Christmas String Lights

If you need a classic set of Christmas tree lights, look no further. This 108 foot long string of lights contains 300 LED warm white multi color lights. It also comes with a remote which controls the timing, light patterns, and light modes. Plus, it comes with a warranty (60 days money back and 12 month free replacement).

Christmas Light Switches For Indoor Tree vs House Lights

The switches for your indoor tree lights are very similar to the ones that control the lights on the exterior of your house. Most Christmas light switches will require power from an outlet nearby. Some lights come with a long string of lights which are usually meant for outdoors because of the extensive length.

Extension Cords For Christmas Lights

If you need to extend the lights, you can use an extension cord/splitter from Amazon. Here are two extension cords I would recommend for Christmas lights.

  1. 25 Foot Extension Cord/Splitter
  2. 40 Foot Extension Cord/Splitter

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