CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Gaming Mouse: Complete Review & Specs

CM Storm is a division of Cooler Master specializes in the development of products for gamers and today we have brought you the review of its gaming mouse and in this case we are talking about CM Storm Sentinel Advance II which combines excellent build quality, extreme taste for detail and expert advice on the best gamers in the world scene.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II

The product is presented in a package of generous dimensions, and mouse, includes a quick guide and a replacement for displacement mats. No CD includes drivers but from the website where you can download updated drivers to customize the behavior of the peripheral and maximize the features of CM Storm Sentinel Advance II.

The CM Storm Sentinel Advance II is designed to withstand long gaming sessions and the user to adopt a comfortable position but at the same time, enabling immediate response to any game situation. Its construction makes it a product exclusively for right and thanks to its high sensitivity, is thought to be controlled by performing short haul movements.
CM Storm uses a high-resolution laser sensor (Avago ADNS-9800) for this CM Storm Sentinel Advance II gaming mouse, capable of reaching the 8200 DPI resolution and detects movement of 1.5 mm. At the top of the device we see a small OLED screen provides information on the chosen profile and DPI to be working. The CM Storm Sentinel Advance II offers a total of 8 buttons, all programmable fantastic touch and effortlessly accessible.

It is worth noting in detail the operation of the TX key, in combination with any other button to multiply the possibilities of the device. It is easily accessible with the thumb, so that combinations with right or left click are ideal for programming advanced actions in games.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II

One of the sections best solved by CM Storm in their products is the profile management and macro programming, this CM Storm Sentinel Advance II gaming mouse supports up to four at a time (stored in its internal memory) that can change with the push of a button. Thus, we can enjoy a moderate sensitivity and look for when we are working or surfing the web and switch to gamer mode in a second, unleashing all sensor performance and radically changing the appearance of the peripheral.

Customization is always an important aspect in this category. Not surprisingly for many gamers spend hundreds (some thousands) euros to configure every detail of your team, so I appreciate peripherals also offer this possibility. The software that controls the CM Storm Sentinel Advance II lets you customize the lighting system combining eight different colors and three different illuminations (top, bottom and front). What’s more, you can customize the logo at the top with our favorite picture very easily.

CM Storm is intractable and again raised the bar with a brilliant CM Storm Sentinel Advance II mouse, perfect for a team to enjoy the top games. The Sentinel Advance II exudes quality on all four sides and mounted one of the best sensors on the market, offering a first class precision and all that skilled players’ demand. Complementing a great hardware, the included software is the best tool for any user to customize the peripheral for you.

The CM Storm Sentinel Advance II can be bought for about 65 euros, a price that we consider reasonable considering its offer and its most direct competition.

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