Comparison of photos in low light iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S III Vs One X Vs Lumia 920

The high end smartphones of the present market includes Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S III which are featuring high performance quality cameras mounted with sensors similar resolutions backlit 8MP. However, as we know, the quality is not that depending upon the preceding Mpx, or megapixels, but depends on more factors.

We speak of optics, the technology behind the sensor, the image processing system and captured once more. Nokia has done a great job with their technology PureView second generation as it solves one of the points where falter smartphones-and even-compact cameras, in low-light pictures where flash cannot be used or avoided.

iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S III Vs One X Vs Lumia 920

We leave then a small tavern where you can see the difference between different terminals camera. This small comparison may help you in choosing the best smartphone with best camera, only if you want smartphone with best camera optics. As you can see in the picture in the comparison of iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, HTC One X and Lumia 920, the verdict in low light photography is Nokia Lumia 920 with its 2nd generation PureView technology.

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