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Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note II vs. Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III and also the Galaxy Note II both is the slice of same bread, but one is medium sized while the second is large sized. The sizing matters because it usually has however this is not an option in between medium slice and large slice. It is Android expertise also it should be an ideal in shape, so one more keen-look on both might be good value. You also remember that this is not regarding which one is more beneficial, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II – it is simply related to which one is ideal for you.

Galaxy Note II vs Galaxy S III


This is very difficult to not consider the Samsung Galaxy Note II like a large Galaxy S III, however several moments using the S Pen may encourage you also. The larger display screen (having a latest Super AMOLED technology as well) and also chipset are really fantastic also.


In contrast, 4.8-inches are a large amount for a smartphone as well as the Galaxy S III is really so far in the extra-speed if you are crazy about power-performance. Additionally, as the display screen works with the PenTile Super AMOLED, this can manage sunshine more effectively.

Here we are going to dive in more details, let’s take a look on comparison of Samsung Note II vs. Galaxy S III, which is given below:

Samsung Galaxy Note II Beats Galaxy S III

• Beats in larger display screen with 5.5 inches as compare to 4.8 inches
• Beats with faster processer – 1.6 GHz against 1.4 GHz
• Integrated RAM of 2GB in all models
• Super ALMOND matrix, latest display technology with complete collection of sub-pixels
• Efficient S Pen as well as Wacom digitizer
• A little much brighter display screen
• Long life of battery as compare to Galaxy S III


Samsung Galaxy S III Beats Galaxy Note II

• Beats in sizing because Galaxy S III is slimmer than Galaxy Not II (136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm against 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4mm)
• Beats with less in weight (133 grams against 183 grams)
• The resolution is same on both devices but Galaxy S III beats Galaxy Note II in pixel density (306pixel-per-inch against 267pixel-per-inch)
• Much cheaper in price as compare to Galaxy Note II

Although both smartphones are normally great on content usage yet not development, Samsung is looking to crack that hurdles using the S Pen. Split-screen software program also assures enhanced efficiency.

However, Samsung Galaxy S III is lesser weight in pocket and also is nearly a similar gadget when it comes to hardware and software.