Confirmed: the Samsung Galaxy S III uses Wolfson audio chip

PenTile-matrix in the Samsung Galaxy S III has upset some users, but the manufacturer did not skimp on its audio chip. If you have previously assumed that the new S III product has been installed with Wolfson audio chip then it would be far surpassing the quality of the codec Yamaha in Galaxy S II, but now this fact has been officially confirmed.

The company Wolfson Microelectronics in the official press release said that the Galaxy S III set the 24-bit stereo WM1811 Audio Hub. It provides not only a good acoustic audio capabilities, but also voice quality, noise reduction system and thus has very low power consumption.
Incidentally, this is not the first collaboration of Samsung and Wolfson. Previously, the Korean manufacturer used the company’s audio solutions in the original Galaxy S. Perhaps user will not notice any difference, but music lovers in the past often made a conscious choice in favor of the Galaxy S because of its better acoustic properties.

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