Dell Inspiron 14z Performance: Review and specs

Dell Inspiron 14z Performance is out there it a little heavy but cheap. Below I have mentioned Dell Inspiron 14 Performance review and specs which will guide you through and it will answer your all question regarding this new Dell Inspiron Performance.

Inspiron 14z

Dell rides the wave of “affordable” ultrabooks Inspiron with the 14z. Like the XPS 14, the 14z is a nomadic laptop with 14-inch glossy screen that supports resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels resolution instead of 1600 x 900 pixels of XPS. The keyboard – without numeric keypad – is not backlit. The touchpad, meanwhile, offers an area of good size and seems to offer a pleasant feel.

In new Dell Inspiron 14z in connector specs, it consists of two three USB ports, an HDMI video output and an Ethernet port 10/100. For wireless connectivity, Dell includes a Wi-Fi module supports Intel WiDi (sound diffusion and video over Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth 4.0.

A panel of interesting components

The Inspiron 14z has a DVD player / recorder, a component highly appreciated by the all markets on this type of machine. Finally, for the audio, Dell uses two small speakers signed Skull Candy, as on its Inspiron 17R Special Edition. Available in three versions (Basic, Premium and Performance), the Inspiron 14z meets the technical criteria of the family ultrabooks imposed by Intel. Depending on the version, the 14z is hosting an Intel Core i3 is a second generation Core i5/i7 third-generation low-power, supported by 4 or 6 GB of memory. For storage, Essential version has a traditional HDD 500 GB SSD module coupled to a 32 GB mSata to improve the responsiveness of the machine. The other two configurations boarded the SSD (128 GB or 256). Both devices also feature a dedicated graphics card (Radeon HD 7570M) to display Windows applications and some games although ultrabooks are really designed for this use.

Inspiron 14z

The Inspiron 14z is a little heavy

The design of the Inspiron 14z is less discrete than the XPS 14. It is a little more “solid” to the eye probably because of the silver finish / brushed aluminium highlights the large plastic edges of the screen. However, the machine remains below 2.1 cm in thickness and in weight it has 1.87 kg. The Inspiron 14z is one of heaviest ultrabooks in the market. Moreover, it is highly likely that Dell has not made significant efforts to reduce the size of the battery charger supplying six cell machine. It Available now on the Dell website, the three configurations are sold from 699 euros.
Pros of Inspiron 14z
The relatively contained
The SSD of 256 GB on the top model

Not thin
No backlit keyboard
No Gigabit Ethernet

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