Dell Inspiron 5520 Laptop: Complete Review & Specs

Dell Inspiron 5520, this assertion is not true since it is unlikely you will forget the laptop. The color of the cover of this laptop can easily be changed after purchase with removable panels.

Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop


The perimeter of the cover Dell Inspiron 5520 is made of matte plastic, silver, and the central part is decorated with a removable plate of glossy plastic with a faint horizontal texture. To remove this panel pull the tiny slider at the bottom of the display module.


SWITCH removable lid made of plastic rather thick, fixed to the display module is carried out by a number of petals around the perimeter of the plate. Separately, you can buy a red, pink, blue or gray bar, with commercially available as a configuration Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop with an orange, white and silver lid included.

Dell Inspiron 5520

We emphasize that with the help of such panels can not only change the style, but also to refresh the status of your notebook, replacing scratched during the operation panel on the new one.


The bottom of the laptop is made of a typical rough plastic. In the center is the door covering the slot to upgrade memory and hard drive. Removable battery with 48 Wh does not protrude beyond the bottom. Closer to the front edge you can find a pair of speakers Waves MaxxAudio 3.
Sides finished in Dell Inspiron 5520 with the same silver plastic bezel that cover. Rear is empty, this can only be seen by the slider lock removable cap and pair of metal hinges pivots the display unit. The front face of the indicators of activity and made a card reader.
On the right are the optical disc drive, a pair of ports, USB 3.0, RJ45 connector and a Kensington lock hole. The left side has: two audio ports, two connectors USB 3.0, the radiator cooling system, a pair of video outputs HDMI and D-sub, as well as the charger jack.

Dell Inspiron 5520

In the end, thanks to the bright cover and a contrasting silver edging the main panels Dell Inspiron 5520 looks nice, but quite cumbersome, especially given the trend of ultrabook.


Outlining a 15-inch screen lined the perimeter of a practical matte plastic and rubber “skirt”, so leave fingerprints at the time of setting angle of the display is not possible. At the top of the screen, integrated webcam and microphone activity indicator, metal logo, Inspiron family handed down.
Dell Inspiron 5520 comes with the typical glossy 15-inch TN + film matrix with the corresponding image quality. The screen resolution is 1366 by 768 pixels, the range of brightness – from 5 to 125 cd/m2 within 10 gradations. The angle of the display unit a little bit wider than the standard value.
Operating panel is made of smooth gray plastic power button is moved to the upper left corner where the hinge is successfully combined with the display unit. In the opposite corner of the main panel is built immediately, three additional key to start mode setting or perform user-defined actions.

Island keyboard of Dell Inspiron 5520 is different from the nice rounded buttons are ergonomically curved surface. But the glossy substrate which is not very good from practical point of view. Slightly submerged in the surface of the touchpad has a pair of dedicated hardware buttons, and an activity indicator, which signals about how to disable the touch surface of a rather bright orange.


Dell Inspiron 5520

Depending on version, Dell Inspiron 5520 is equipped with processors Intel Core i3 second (Sandy Bridge) or Core i5 and Core i7 third (Ivy Bridge) generation. The role of the graphics subsystem can perform with an integrated solution Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 or a discrete card AMD Radeon HD 7670M.

Dell Inspiron 5520 cost from $ 650 to $ 900, and completely equipped with all the offers discrete graphics card and pre-installed Linux. However, this review is made complete with a processor Intel Core i3-2350M (2.3 GHz), 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, integrated graphics and Intel HD Graphics 3000.


In this configuration, it scored 1960 points in PCmark7, 7800 points in 3Dmark Vantage and 4.7 points in the index performance of Windows. The battery life of the battery capacity of 48 Wh was 1 hour 20 minutes at maximum load and 4 hours and 40 minutes in the emulation mode of reading.



During operation, the Dell Inspiron 5520 especially liked the ergonomics of the keyboard to work with it is really nice. Three additional hardware and software multimedia keys panel Dell Stage to simplify the implementation of a number of typical operations. Note also the extended set of communication connectors: four USB-ports (two on each side wall), and two video outputs (HDMI and D-sub).
The solution with removable covers at least originally, but other than positive traits (change of image, replacing scratched the surface) is also negative. First, the display unit was thicker on the covers of such massive, we have already managed to break the habit. Second, because of the retention mechanism cover is not considered a monolith, which is especially well marked during transport.


As a result, Dell Inspiron 5520 – 15.6-inch model of the middle class laptop without any flaws, which perfectly fits the image of lovers of radical change – from the gray office typewriter to the envy of neighbours calling for a cafe with bright red “stuff”.


+ Colorful exchangeable covers Dell SWITCH

+ Plenty of hardware configurations on the local market

+ Advanced set of communication terminals

+ Comfortable keyboard


– The thickness and weight of the laptop

If you have any query regarding Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop, then feel free to ask.

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