Download Tubi TV for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Laptop (Official)


In this tutorial, you will find alot of details about the Tubi TV app and a guide to downloading Tubi TV for PC.

As people are leaving Showbox now and adopting other apps, so we decided to add another streaming app to their knowledge.

Tubi TV is a brilliant movie and shows a streaming app. This app is already acquiring a huge fans database.

It is one of those streaming apps that has crossed 10 million downloads. Get rid of online movie streaming websites that have more ads and less entertainment.

Tubi TV also shows ads because app developers are earning from it. But at least, they don’t appear while streaming.

This app is 100 percent legal and compatible with multiple operating systems and devices.

Tubi TV for PC


How to Download and Install Tubi TV for PC:

Like Netflix, Tubi TV also has a web version but not an app for Windows. Movies and Seasons don’t give the thrill on smartphones as they give on big screens.

Entertainment must be on a big screen either in Cinema or at home. Well, now people who have smartphones also have Laptops mostly.

So the only Drawback which is the unavailability of Tubi TV for Windows can be removed through a third-party installer.

We have talked about Android emulators enough times. Android emulators are Android apps installers for Windows and Mac.

We are constantly recommending BlueStacks and Nox because we can’t find any emulator better than these.

We prefer BlueStacks for Windows devices and Nox App Player for Mac. Anyhow, we are demonstrating guides to download Tubi TV for PC through both emulators.

Tubi TV for PC

1. Install Tubi TV for PC using BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks from Button.

  1. Install BlueStacks on PC.
  2. Complete initial formalities (WiFi Password, Language, Google Account).
  3. Launch BlueStacks on Laptop/Desktop.
  4. Go to the MY APPS option, and click on it.
  5. Click the System Apps option.
  6. Click on Google Play.
  7. Search for the Tubi TV app and install it.

2. Install Tubi TV for PC using Nox

Download Nox App Player from the button provided.

Install the Nox App Player on PC:

  • First click on the download Nox App Player setup.exe file.
  • Click on the Run option.
  • Click on Allow so that this software can make the required changes in your computer.

Setup Nox on PC:

  • When the installation gets completed, open Nox and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Maybe it will ask you to select Language.

Install Tubi TV for PC:

  • Once Nox home screen appears, click on the Google Play icon.
  • Enter your Google Account which already exists. Google Account is only required when you are using Nox for the first time to install an app.
  • Search the Tubi TV app and install it.

How much do we need to Pay?

Luckily it’s one of the few streaming apps where we don’t need to pay a single penny. Tubi TV is 100% ad-supported.

That’s the only source for app income other than sponsorship. There is not any kind of paywall between user and media content.

Download, register and use the app free for a lifetime. That’s why people are loving this app.

What do you want more than no credit cards, no Paypal, and unlimited entertainment for free?

Note: The ads vary in video lengths. The minimum duration of an ad is 5 to 15 seconds and the maximum duration is upto 30 seconds. All ads will appear before and after streaming a movie or show.

Interesting fact:

 According to Farhad Massoudi (CEO of Tubi TV), the company is going to spend over 100 million $ on purchasing licenses for streaming movies and shows legally. This amount is double than their expense which they have done in 2018. Is Tubi TV becoming a competitor of Netflix?

Offered Content by Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is rich in terms of movies and shows collection. According to the company Tubi TV currently owns more than 50k media titles.

Its coffer is full of movies and shows with key partnerships of Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM, and Starz. Its listing is quite more than the giant company Sony’s Crackle app. In media content, there is a plethora of Hollywood, and Bollywood movies and shows.

From the classic Silvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarinzinegar movies to the latest Leonardo Decaprio and Dwayne Johnson movies, every era of movie are available on Tubi TV for free.

Some of the Hollywood flagships willn’t be available in the app has not got licensed of them yet. A built-in strong media player is also a proud part of Tubi TV services.

Users have the freedom of selecting video quality. See the CEO’s reply to a question about creating the original content.

“You need so much capital to create original content,” he says, referencing Netflix’s plans to put $8 billion this year into its vast library of original content – Farhad Masoudi (CEO Tubi TV)

Compatible devices for Tubi TV:

These screenshots are showing the devices on which Tubi TV is workable.

General Comparison:

Tubi TV Netflix
Tubi TV is a 100 percent free app to download and use. This app is supported by ads (source of income for an app) Netflix is free to download but there are pretty expensive subscriptions to stream movies and shows.
Purchase licenses from other companies for streaming movies and shows. They don’t develop original content. Netflix offers 100 % percent original content. Make their own seasons and do partnerships in top-class movie franchises and series.
Limited in the number of movies as compared to Netflix. Still, have many movies and shows which are not available on Netflix. A vast collection of movies and shows. Netflix Media library is one of the giant databases in the world.
More than 10 million downloads are just on Android. More than 500 million downloads are just on Android.


Actually, this comparison is not fair. Netflix is totally on another level. Infact Netflix is the biggest online media streaming service in the world. Netflix has a more net worth, affiliates, earnings and media library. The only thing which makes Tubi TV over Netflix is the free streaming service. This aspect can threaten Netflix popularity in the future if Tubi TV continuously keeps growing like currently.

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