DreamVision yunzi1 Full HD 3D Projector Specification and Review

DreamVision has launched 3 projectors in 201: yunzi1 3d projector, yunzi2 and yunzi3.

Though technically Yunzi refers only to sintered stones made of “yunzi” material (the exact composition is a secret), the term can also sometimes connotate stones which are single-convex of any material.

DreamVision makes LCoS technology and DLP technology projectors.

DreamVision yunzi1 3d projector
DreamVision yunzi1 3d projector (source:DreamVision)

yunzi1 has 3-chip LCOS 0.7 inch panel – Full-HD 1920×1080 Resolution. It can give a screen size of 60” – 260” diagonal.

yunzi1 projector new model has 230 W Bulb with a life of up to 4000 hours (with lamp set to Low mode). Brightness offered is 1200 ansi lumens. It has a constrast ratio of 50 000:1.

Yunzi1 has 2x HDMI rev 1.4a inputs and also 1x Component (3 RCA). Active shutter glasses are optional.

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