Epson VS320 XGA 3LCD Projector Specs and Review

Epson VS320 is a new projector which was just announced one week ago, which aims to target the business projector market. It’s a XGA model which is affordable, offering the user great quality of image, a brightness of 2700 lumens for both color and white brightness. From this projector you get both colors which are true to life and a great presentation. According to the announcement from Epson it’s quite easy to install and it offers a HDMI connection, quick setup through Plug and Play USB, plus vertical image correction which is done automatically. When it comes to business projectors, you want a device that will make your presentation stand out and impress the audience. The VS320 will do that and will help you close that deal you’re after.

This model will be available for $429, but Epson also announced a cheaper model, called VS220, which will sell for $359 and will offer you SVGA resolution and about the same specs as the VS320 in other areas.

Epson wants to get the small companies to buy this new cheap business projector, offering them a model that is both affordable and of good quality, with its biggest selling points being the HDMI connection and the increased brightness level.

Epson-VS320This projector offers you control and connectivity options which are easily used. If you want to project some video from your Mac or PC you can do it through the USB connection, which is Plug and Play. The projector includes vertical correction which is automated, so the setup speed is improved and the image is easier to align. There are a few other options available which make your life easier. One of them is the control bar which allows you to do image correction easily, so you will get the rectangular image, no longer from what angle you’re watching. There is also the A/V Mute option, which you can use to pause the presentation quickly by stopping both the video and the sound.

The projector can be powered off or on instantly, thanks to the Instant Off feature, which is available on the VS320. Not needing to cool down the projector is a nice advantage to have, especially if your business partners are waiting.

The Epson VS320 was designed to be travel friendly and as light as possible, so you can move with it as needed and be able to make the presentation wherever you are.

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