Epson WorkForce WF-3540 All-in-One Printer

The WF-3450 multifunctional printer from Epson is designed with the small office in mind. At $149.99, this model is $20 more expensive than the WF-3520, the closest printer in the Epson line-up, but it has a number of advantages over it that make it a better choice for a small office, and less likely to end up in a regular home printer role. The main feature that makes this model a good fit for an office is the paper capacity, which has been doubled.

From a functional point of view, WF-3540 remains the same as WF-3520, the only difference being the increased paper capacity. The printer has WiFi and Ethernet, so you can share files with it over the office network. By using the MFP features you can fax or print files on it directly from your PC, but you can also scan files on the printer and have them saved on the computer. It doesn’t need a computer to work as a regular fax machine or copier though. The printer has the added benefit of being able to print files found on a USB stick, or to scan files to one. If you have a PictBridge digital camera, it will print directly from it.

Epson EF-3540 has support for cloud printing, which requires a WiFi connection and Appler AirPrint. WF-3540 also has WiFi Direct support, so you don’t need an access point on the network to connect to it.

Printer Size

Epson WorkForce WF-3540It’s definitely not a printer that you can just keep next to your computer on the same desk. That doesn’t mean that it’s a big printer though and it shouldn’t be difficult to find a spot for it. It measures 12.1 inches in height, 17.7 inches in width and it has a depth of 22.2 inches if the paper tray is out (16.8 inches if it’s not).

Paper Handling

As I mentioned before, this model has an increased paper capacity, being able to take 500 sheets. There are two different drawers for paper, each with 250 sheet capacity, so you can even keep different paper in each one, using either letter size or legal size, as needed. Otherwise, just load up 500 sheets of paper in both trays and set it to change the drawer when one of them runs out. This model also comes with manual single sheet feed and a duplexer, which allows you to print two-sided automatically.

The only downside of this printer is the quality of the printing process, which is not always great, but there are many features there to make up for it if you need a heavy duty printer.

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