Features of the ExOne 3D Printers

ExOne has a number of 3D printers available and in this article you will learn a little bit about each one and about their capabilities. From the S-Max printer to the M-Lab, each model addresses the need of a type of company. Chances are that you will find the model you need below.


This model can be used by design facilities and by foundries for the most part. It’s them that could use its capabilities best. This printer can cast in just a couple of hours and it doesn’t require hard tooling to do so. The result is that the casting process chain is improved.

Among the features of the S-Max you will find things like the lack of need for a support structure, the fact that it doesn’t need post processing or that you will get cores and molds which are available immediately for casting purposes.

This model has a build volume of 1800 mm by 1000 mm by 700 mm and it uses specialty sands and quartz.


If your facility already has a shop which makes patterns, then the S-Print is the model that is probably more appropriate for you. It’s capable of making very complex cores without much effort, while conventional pieces are worked on at the same time. The result is a better reaction time, as well as improved productivity.

This model is a machine tool that is designed to be industrial grade, capable of building at a volume of 750 mm by 380 mm by 400 mm. It requires around 40 seconds for each layer built from specialty sand and quartz.


ExOneThis device is best used when you either need a lot of parts created, or very large parts. It uses the printhead technology which allows it to dose the binding agent very precisely and it doesn’t use any support structures.

It has a building volume of 780 mm by 400 mm by 400 mm, with a speed of 6 mm per hour and a build rate of 1780 cubic cm per hour.


If you want to print with metal, M-Flex is the model that is for you. It has a speed that is up to 10 times better than what the previous machine from ExOne could offer. It’s the fastest 3D printer which works with metal in the class that it’s in.


The final model in the ExOne line-up is M-Lab, which is designed with the educational and research customer in mind. You can use it to develop processes and materials out of glass and metal materials.

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