Fly IQ235 Uno Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

Fly IQ235 Uno, a smartphone that is associated with one of the smallest Italian cars – Fiat Uno which is Compact, attractive and inexpensive. It is so inexpensive, has the potential to become the most affordable device of Android-smartphone. Design and materials of the body resemble women’s mobile phones Fly. Everything indicates that the company wants to blur the line between conventional phones and smartphones.

Fly IQ235 Uno

Design of the smartphone is the first thing that you notice, but Fly IQ235 Uno leaves behind a pleasant experience. The materials used in glossy plastic shell with mother of pearl. Most of the front covers are not glass, as might be expected and translucent plastic. Such is the price paid for cheapness.
Except to the tapered edge of the bottom of the hull, sides bordered silver paste. It then adds zest to Fly IQ235. It has two hardware keys – volume control – on the right side, and the power button / lock – on the top. The left side is a slot and MicroUSB-strap eyelet. The second connector, 3.5mm headphone jack is located near the elongated volume keys.
Under 3.2″ TN-touch screen are four buttons -” Home “,” Menu “,” Back “and” Search “. Under the latter can be seen opening conversational microphone. Emblazoned on the back of the opening of multimedia speakers and a 2-megapixel camera lens.


The Fly IQ235 Uno smartphone is running an operating system Android 2.3.6. Interface standard, but rather a wide range of applications.
Five desks are literally packed with shortcuts and widgets. Among the applications, there are clients of social networks Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and Classmates that will be useful for those who first encounters with smart phones – just enter the username and password in order to be always online.

Fly IQ235 Uno smartphone
On the main desktop screen installed search widget that allows you to search for information not only through Google, but also among the installed applications and the phone book.


The only changes have been made to the developer, the menu was the notification. Then there are two tabs, the main – notice, and the second – the organizer, which collected 12 labels, and display brightness slider. Easy!

In Fly IQ235 Uno processor is MTK6115, analog MTK6515, but without support for 3G-networks 1 GHz processor is made to the kernel architecture ARMv7 Cortex-A9, and graphics core PowerVR SGX 531. This makes the processor Fly IQ235’s most powerful smartphone for less than $120. If not for the small amount of RAM, 256 MB, the smartphone could easily compete with more expensive devices. But the amount of memory allocated for the installation of applications – 512 MB, and it can be increased up to 32 GB with memory cards.

Of course, such a small amount of RAM imposes its own limitations, but if you remember the price, it’s forgivable.
Since both slots operate exclusively in the GSM-network, no matter which of them will be a SIM to access the network, and in which to call. How it works is quite simple. In standby mode, calls can be placed on any of the SIM, but if you went into the network, it can only get through to the one currently active, that is, one that is used for the Internet. If you care to be always online for two SIM-cards in Fly IQ235 Uno smartphone set up forwarding between their numbers and the problem will be solved.

The Fly IQ235 Uno smartphone is set to a simple display with a diagonal of 3.2″ and a resolution of 320×240 pixels. A good supply of brightness, in spite of the small diagonal, let’s look at the information, even on a sunny day. Viewing angles are also summarized, although the vertical could be more. The device has no light sensor, and therefore has to adjust the brightness. Recent studies have shown that the difference in brightness at minimum and, say, 50% is less than 10% percent. Therefore, we advise you to always keep its value at a comfortable level, rather than trying to save money.


Probably the second weakest thing in Fly IQ235 Uno is its camera. Maximum resolution matrix is 2 MP (1600×1200 pixels) with autofocus and flash is not available, but there is the possibility to record video with a resolution of 720×480 pixels.

Given the price, the unit simply cannot impose high demands. If however, to evaluate it in full, with no discount on the cost, we could find only two drawbacks in Fly IQ235 Uno, and they cannot be called critical. The first – the amount of RAM and the second – the camera. On this basis, the main thing to decide for yourself, you’re willing to make sacrifices for the sake of this opportunity to become the owner of a cute and inexpensive Android-smartphone or not. The design, dimensions, display, operating system version, good performance and battery life – these are the main advantages of Fly IQ235 Uno

+ Price
+ Supports two SIM-cards
+ Skin
+ Body materials
+ Display
+ Open
+ Productivity

– Small amount of RAM
– Camera without autofocus

This was all about the Fly IQ235 Uno smartphone, if have any query then feel free to ask.

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