Google and Bing say it: “Windows 8 is crap / rubbish”

The search engine company of Mountain View, shown in their responses when autocomplete input for a search phrase Windows 8 is shit and, of course, the rivalry between the two and that Microsoft has spent a whopping $ 1,500 million in marketing for Windows 8 could be affected by this effect that you can try if you write in Google: “Windows 8 is” (with trailing space).

Windows 8

What at first might seem the result of a project of Google Poisoning for this type of search will autocomplete with derogatory phrases about the new Microsoft operating system seems to become a reality to see that Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, also has bad words for Windows 8?

Among the phrases that are autocompleted by this search:
• Windows 8 sucks
• Windows 8 is rubbish

We know the opinion of Google and also Bing, but what’s yours?
How about Windows 8? Leave your impression in comments for other readers, help them to choose the best.

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