Google Glass, starring in the New York Fashion Week

Technology Google Glass that the Mountain View Company introduced remarkably in the last event Google I / O has returned to make an appearance, but this time it has a completely different event: the fashion week in New York, where several coupled models wore these devices besides presenting different dresses.

Google Glass

The models wore the new spring-summer collection 2013 from Diane von Furstenberg (DVF), and they did also carry these unique glasses headset that Google is developing and allow any situation to capture video and provide functions augmented reality at all times.

One of the models activated recording function of this device to capture her walk down the runway, and the dressmaker own team members also wore these products. The recorded material will be part of a small short called “DVF through Glass” on page Google+ of this company to be released Tuesday. Definitely an interesting way to make known devices that want to revolutionize the market for now limited solutions offered wearable computing. Let’s see what will be the real future of Google Glass device.

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