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Google Ingress game for Android smartphone

Google added another game to lineup, called Google Ingress game. Engaged in its development division Google Niantic Labs.

Ingress game

Google Ingress game is representative of the genre MMMMOARG (massively multiplayer map-based mobile online augmented reality game – multiplayer online mobile game based on augmented reality cards). This game is positioned as a global project, while it is free. The Google Ingress game told that a group of scientists has discovered a mysterious energy, which is expected to influence the way people think. For control of this energy has two factions: Enlightened (Education) and Resistance. The first group is going through the mysterious power to gain power, while the second group defends human values. The player is invited to join one of the groups and to play with a mobile device.


Google Ingress game is designed to run on smartphones (tablets not supported)-based operating system Android. In the process of moving on to the real world the player will find the source of the mysterious energy. Gameplay involves the possibility of merging with other players to purchase the item, the study of technologies, capture territories. Since the game is global, the player can keep track of events around the world and plan their actions in the light of these data.

Ingress game

Currently the game is in status Ingress closed beta. To access it must send a request specifying your email address from the site ingress.com, wait for an invitation code and install the app from the store Play Store.
This was all regarding the Google Ingress game which seems to pretty good, so if you want to try something new then go ahead with it.