Google revealed more information about Project Glass and began its pre-orders for 2013

During the conference of Google I / O, Sergey Brin showed a truly epic demonstration of wearable gadget Project Glass. The screens in the venue Moscone Center, the project glass was shown to a group which was conducting them through the recording of paratrooper jump.

The video quality was of quite a good level, which does not expect from the gadget of this size. Sergey Brin did not reveal the detailed characteristics of the device, but said we have installed a “powerful” processor and “a lot” of memory, according to Engadget. In this Project Glass does not perform the role of the phone, while the gadget is installed in microphone for voice command and speaker. In addition, it has an accelerometer and a gyroscope.


At the moment, Google is experimenting with a wireless connection. Device in a live demonstration on the video does not have any wireless modules. Nevertheless it is likely that in the final release in the Project Glass Module 3G will appear. But for now, Google engineers calculate that the gadget will connect to networks via Wi-Fi, as well as access to the Internet via a smartphone.

In addition to voice control the right side of Project Glass is a Touch Strip, which acts as a touchpad. Device management is carried out in mixed mode, many commands are voice, but there is a problem for which you want to use the touchpad or the movement of the head.

As Google does not disclose the autonomy of the gadget, apparently, the battery is not very big and is located behind the right ear of the users.

Project Glass will be able to store information in the internal memory, but the basic idea of the device to receive information from the Internet, and broadcast it back to the cloud data.

During the presentation, Sergey Brin showed three different prototype of Project Glass in three different colors. Thus, at the beginning of the commercial release of the gadget, the user can select the device to your taste and style.

The first batch of Project Glass called the Google Glass Explorer Edition will be released in early 2013. But pre-order of this unusual gadget has been started but only for the participants in the conference of Google I / O and for them it will cost $ 1500. No doubt. Google I / O conference was full of surprises first Google Nexus 7, Jelly Bean, Nexus Q then Awesome device i.e. Project Glass.

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