Hisense Press: A New Solution for November Google TV for $ 99

Recently an executive of Google said the company was working with Hisense to offer a Google TV at low cost, and now this company has clarified those comments.

Hisense Press

The device will be called Hisense Press, coming in November and will be priced to be around $ 99. This product will be based on Android and can support resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080p.
In the Hisense Press, you will find HDMI ports, USB and Ethernet (plus WiFi), and the officers of the company indicate that this product will have a remote control that will have buttons on both sides, with a full QWERTY keyboard on one side and a touchpad and a special button for Netflix on the other.

Although the device will arrive in November, we can see it in action at IFA, held this week, in which we will see many new features about this new Hisense Press Google TV which will be offered only for $ 99 and with pack of many features.

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