Hitachi offers a quartz glass for long-term storage

Hitachi developed a data storage system based on the glass, which can provide long-term storage, in this case we are talking about Hitachi quartz glass memory.

Hitachi quartz glass
Developers from Hitachi suggest Hitachi quartz glass can be used for storage. This material is highly durable and can withstand with many negative external influences. And tested the strength and durability of the material chosen, the developers have come to the conclusion that it is able to store data for hundreds of millions of years. Thus, under the stress test Hitachi quartz glass withstood temperatures up to 2000 degrees Celsius for two hours. This material is also not affected by water and withstands many aggressive environments. For application data on quartz glass is proposed to use a record with a laser beam. This provides a sufficiently high density of data. Thus, with a 4-layer data recording density of their placement is 40 MB per square inch. It’s more than provided modern CD drives (40 MB per square inch).

Hitachi has developed a system to use storage to preserve for posterity the historically important information. However, it has yet to be finalized. According to preliminary information, the new technology can be used to start in commercial scale by 2015. What we can say about Hitachi quartz glass, that it is good beginning of the revolution in the future memory devices.

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