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HP Envy 4 Ultrabook: Review and specs

The HP Envy 4 an ultrabook with a 14-inch screen that is both affordable and a prior well finished. It features a 2.1 audio kit, Intel Core i3 processor and hard drive 500 GB module assisted by a 32GB SSD mSATA format.

HP Envy 4 Ultrabook review

The new HP Envy 4 shaping up as ultra-portables PC, relatively light, well finished and has got a good price tag as well. The Envy 4 Ultrabook is proposed to € 699.

It HP Envy 4 Ultrabook was presented in Shanghai last May it is the first ultrabooks of HP which finally arrive on the shelves. The HP Envy 4 Ultrabook (14 inch) and 6 (15.6 inches) are available in several versions. The first machine put forward by the HP Envy 4-1062ef Ultrabook, with its chassis end (1.9 cm) plastic mixing the red and black brushed metal. The LED screen has a glossy display and a resolution of 1366 pixels by 768. It is framed with black plastic finish glossy which swears a bit with the aesthetic quality of the product. The keyboard, with keys separated, seems to occupy the space allocated properly inside the frame. Connectivity of this device is very complete with 1 HDMI video output, a USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, an audio output, microphone input and a Gigabit Ethernet jack and more wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Finally, listen to your music in good conditions, HP signed up a 2.1 kit Beats Audio supported by software control for the sound card.

HP Envy 4

A modest configuration

Weight of HP Envy 4 ultrabook is also very light (1.8 kg, however), this ultrabook an Intel Core i3-2367M dual core (1.5 GHz) and 4GB of memory. HP does not call for the latest generation of Intel dated (Ivy Bridge), presumably for cost reasons. In addition, HP also preferred to rely on a traditional hard drive instead of SSD that typically found in ultrabooks. Thus, it is a 500GB model that hosts Windows and your data. It still enjoys the support of a small module mSATA 32 GB for faster start-up of the machine and exchange data.

As for the graphics, they are provided by the internal controller of the processor, the Intel HD 3000.

The Price of HP Envy Ultrabook 4-1062ef is around € 699.