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HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color Printer M251nw Review

Looking for a good laser printer? The M251nw might be just the thing. It’s the Pro 200 printer from HP and it’s a model that could very well be characterized as awkward. The reason is that it tries to do a bit too much, so it doesn’t fit well in either of the worlds it tries to work in. If you use it as a printer for your home, you might find it too large, so it will probably need its own desk. If you want it for a micro office to share with others, it doesn’t handle paper well enough to qualify with flying colors. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good printer, it just means that it’s not the best choice for either of the two types of jobs. Otherwise, it will do just find in most situations and it does print at a good quality.

The speed of the printing jobs is very good and the quality is better than average, so it’s a winner on both these counts. Other good features of the M251nw include the control panel which uses a touch screen, the possibility to print files from the USB drive, plus Wireless Direct, which you can use to easily connect laptops, phones and tablets. You will also find that you can print by using the WiFi connection, or, even better, the mobile print app that HP offers.

M251nwThe major disadvantage of this printer that we already announced is the handling of paper, mainly because it has a single tray which can take 150 sheets of paper. Add to that the lack of an automatic duplexer or of the manual feed, and you will certainly feel like it’s not a good choice for a micro office environment, or any other situation where you’re sharing the printer.

Even though it doesn’t have the capacity that would recommend it for small offices, it doesn’t have the size that would recommend it for personal printing either. That being said, it’s probably best used for personal use, as long as you have a bit more space for it than you would for most personal printers.

The printer’s speed is 14 ppm, which is both for the color and mono printing. As for the quality of the jobs, they’re better than you usually expect from this type of printer, so it’s definitely a good choice in that regard.