Hp ProBook 4445s, 4446s, 4545s and Compaq Pro 6305: Specs & Features

HP introduced three new laptop aimed at small businesses, in this case we are talking about 14-inch HP ProBook 4445s and HP ProBook 4446s, as well as the 15.6-inch 4545s. All of them are based on the hardware platform and equipped with AMD APU Trinity A10, A8, A6 and A4.

HP ProBook 4445s, 4446s, 4545s and Compaq Pro 6305
Traditionally, the devices can be fitted by the user, and the setting lends itself to virtually every component of a laptop, from memory and communicative finishing modules. In ProBook has an optical drive and DVD-based corporate environment software.

ProBook 4545s is available now for $ 500. Models 4445s and 4446s will be available only in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.
Desktop PC HP Compaq Pro 6305 is also built on the platform and is equipped with AMD Trinity APU A10, A8, A6 and A4. Technology AMD Turbo Core 3.0 and AMD Accelerated File Converter designed to improve system performance at high load, web surfing and working with video (during the group video chat, for example). In turn, HP Client Security Software and HP Client Management focused on rapid adoption of the PC in the infrastructure of the company or government institutions and to ensure the necessary level of software security.

HP ProBook 4445s, 4446s, 4545s and Compaq Pro 6305


HP Compaq Pro 6305 will go on sale with Windows 7 or Windows 8 in October for $ 540. This was all about HP ProBook and Compaq Pro.

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