HP x2401 24inches monitor: a thin monitor based on a matrix MVA | Specs & Features

HP has prepared a new model of computer monitor HP x2401, which is targeted for use in offices.

HP x2401

This new HP x2401 monitor is made in a slim body with a thickness of only 11 mm. Design of the device involves the use of a glossy black coating front panel. Device has a screen size 24 inches and supports Full HD resolution of 1080p. Announced model is based on the matrix of MVA, which provides high quality color reproduction and wide viewing angles. Also available in a LED light matrix, which ensures high contrast and low power consumption. As a result, the static contrast ratio of 5000:1, and a value of dynamic contrast stated at 10000000:1. To connect the signal sources available interfaces are DisplayPort and HDMI. The device is equipped with a folding stand and wall-mount system.

HP x2401

The new monitor HP x2401 will go on sale in the U.S. on 7 November this year at a suggested retail price of $ 250. Information about the timing of the start of sales and the value of the suggested retail price of new products in other markets is not yet reported. So, stay tuned for more updates regarding this HP x2401 monitor.

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