HTC Endeavour C2 beast revealed: Specs & Features

HTC has unveiled some of the possible features with which to equip its new terminal, the new HTC Endeavour C2. Although not yet confirmed its release date, if it is a real smartphone providing further confirmation by HTC. It has been revealed that HTC Endeavour C2 will appear as a version higher than its previous model, HTC One X.
HTC Endeavour C2
As previously mentioned, although the HTC Endeavour C2 smartphone is in question has not been released officially yet, if it is true that the terminal will be real. The new device shows displayed their potential through a screen to reach a total size of 4.7 inches, thereby maintaining the same size as its predecessor HTC One X. As for the interior, in the depths of it will be featuring 4 cores processor clocked reaching a total independent 1.7 GHz. It appears it could be an Nvidia Tegra 3 but has not yet been confirmed by HTC officially. On the battery issue, but have not yet been revealed its features, if they have anticipated that this will be of greater capacity, so we offer a range much greater.
HTC Endeavour C2
In terms of design, as we showed in the picture below you can see a little follow the same line as used in the HTC One X. One terminal with a fairly compact components, round and white in keeping their back, but is likely that in the edition of said terminal goes on sale available in a wide range of colors.
HTC Endeavour C2
Another point which has already been confirmed, it is operating system. The new HTC Endeavour C2 smartphone of HTC will choose to run under version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system from Google. Although arguably features then it almost certainly upgrade to its latest version Jelly Bean. Another highlight of this new terminal would be its high compatibility in all types of accessories HTC One X, also including headphones UrBeats. Apart also confirmed that the new terminal of HTC technology must be endorsed Clear Voice, allowing us to listen more to the voice quality and clarity in our calls. Not yet confirmed its release date but preliminary indications suggest that the terminal could be presented to the beginning of October.
Stay tuned for more updates regarding HTC Endeavour C2 smartphone.

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