In the body of a digital SLR Canon EOS 650D detected a serious problem

Last month announced digital SLR Canon EOS 650D (known in the U.S. as the EOS Rebel T4i) was marred by problem detected in the unit. It can cause a color change of some parts of the camera body from black to white, and, potentially, can lead to allergic reactions for the user.

digital SLR Canon EOS 650D

In particular, we are talking about the rubber part of the body, marked in red on the image above. As reported U.S. subsidiary of Canon, in the process of vulcanization of rubber was used too much of a chemical accelerator, resulting in the surface film is formed of zinc dimethyldithiocarbamate (ZDMC). That it can cause skin and eye irritation, and cause discoloration of rubber coating.
It is worth noting that the problem is not observed in all instances of digital SLR Canon EOS 650D, but only those that were made in the period from May 31 to June 15 this year, but they have already spread around the world. Got a camera in the “risk” can be identified by serial number. If the place is noted above the number “2”, the problems with the housing unit will not be there. If the digit “1”, then check the serial number on the Canon site to more accurately determine whether the device problem.

digital SLR Canon EOS 650D

Recall that the recent difficulties with the new SLR cameras that Nikon have, but this is the problem of nature, which can be solved by upgrading. It was all regarding the problem found in digital SLR Canon EOS 650D.


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