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In the Nexus 7 found an undocumented magnetic sensor

Nexus 7 from Google was quite an extraordinary device, especially considering its price of $ 200-250. So, this is the first 7-inch tablet based on 4-core SoC NVIDIA Tegra 3 , it contains high-quality IPS-LCD with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels and a density of 216 ppi, and a decent set of sensors, but one of them was hidden from the public.

Nexus 7

In addition to the accelerometer, a gyroscope chip NFC, electronic compass and a GPS and a magnetic sensor was found which is currently useless, but in the future may come in handy. How it works and where there is clearly demonstrated in the video below:

Some source has discovered an undocumented sensor in Nexus 7. Recall that Apple uses the same element in iPad 2, and iPad 3 where it is needed for the enhancement of corporate Smart Cover and the other covers with built-in magnet that allows the screen to extinguish automatically when you close the cover.

It’s strange that Google has not reported the sensor. Perhaps the company is preparing a set of branded accessories and wanted to make a surprise or fear litigation from Apple, the first to use magnetic sensor as described above and the owner of the relevant patent.