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Inexpensive Vodafone Smart Tab 7: Features and Price

As we have seen other companies such as Orange have their own tablets and this time is the turn of Vodafone, which launches a tablet to be appointed under the name of the company, we are talking about the Vodafone Smart Tab 7, a simple and functional 7-inch tablet, aimed at an audience started with low purchasing power. Here is a brief overview of its main features, functionality and its selling price in the market.

Vodafone Smart Tab 7

Yes, Vodafone has decided to launch what will be its new tablet, the Vodafone Smart Tab 7. As we said above, incorporate a full size screen 7-inch TFT WXGA. The device is a simple device, with forms also very basic and not very resistant materials and a design that will leave something to be desired, that is why we have a low end tablet at a price even further. This new Vodafone Smart Tab 7 has a total weight of 391 grams of weight, a considerable weight when carrying the tablet to a multitude of sites. Getting into the depths of his heart we will find a Dual Core 1.2 Ghz, processor more than enough for the type of users to which this tablet is oriented, in addition also come equipped with a total capacity of 1GB of memory RAM. With this we can run any application perfectly light. On the subject of memory, possess an internal capacity of a total of 16 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD cards later.
On the subject of cameras, the new tablet will come equipped with two, one front and one rear. Focusing first on the front, saying that has a maximum resolution of 2 megapixels and will be used primarily for conducting video calls. On the other hand the rear, with a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels, a rather poor resolution, but enough to take pictures with minimal quality. On top of that also incorporate wireless connections, HSDPA + GPS as well as light and motion sensors. Also stress that will come running under version 3.2 of Android Honeycomb.

Here we are again with another low-end tablet, launched by a company of telephony and internet services. One tablet to be a sale price on the market in its prepaid not reach 269 euros. Furthermore, the tarrif plans for Vodafone Smart Tab 7 are discussed below:

• With the Internet Contigo Gold rate, apart from having 10 GB per month navigation and cost 49 euros per month or 36.75 if you already have a voice tariff with Vodafone, would for $ 0.
• With the rate unlimited Internet Contigo have 5 Gb and a monthly cost of 39 €, or 29.25 if you already have a voice tariff. For a price of 69 €
• With the Internet Contigo Express fare enjoyed 2GB monthly for 32 € per month or 24.25 if we had voice rate. We took for 119 €
• With the Internet Contigo 1G fee, get the smart tablet for 169 €, with 1 GB of data at a cost of 19 € per month or 14.25 if we had voice tariff with Vodafone.
• With the most basic fee contract, we have the tablet with 500MB of 219 € per month at a price of 15 € per month or 11.25 with voice tariff.

It was all regarding the Vodafone Smart Tab 7 and its different tariff plans.