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Intel introduced Intel 240 GB SSD into 330 Series SSD and lowered the prices

At the time of release of solid state drives SSD line 330 Series, Intel introduced the model of 60, 120 and 180 GB. Now, Intel has released a new and higher capacity SSD i.e. Intel 240GB SSD now which belongs to Intel 330 Series SSD.

Intel 240 GB SSD
Recall, the line of SSDs Intel SSD 330 Series is positioned as the affordable solutions that are designed for use as a boot drive, providing greater system responsiveness when performing different tasks. These devices are made in the form factor 2.5-inch (9.5 mm thick, weight 80 g) flash-based chips MLC (multi-level cell) NAND, which are made at rates 25-nanometer manufacturing process. All models offer the same top speed of reading data at 500 MB / s and write max of 450 MB / s. The number of IO operations per second for the implementation of random reads in blocks of 4 KB announced at 42,000, and the implementation of random writes – 52000. To connect to the system interface is used SATA3 (data transfer rate up to 6 Gb / s). Energy consumption in the state of active service stated at 850 mW in idle – 600 mW. The devices are provided with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Information on the price of a new solid state drive Intel SSD 330 Series 240GB is not reported. We also learned that Intel plans to reduce prices for existing storage arrays SSD 320 Series, SSD, and SSD 330 Series 520 Series, but specific models are not specified. But it is a good news for all of those who want to use SSD in their computing machines and when Intel will lowered the price of 330 Series SSDs then you can use the opportunity but future of SSD says, that you will able to get SSD in affordable prices in upcoming 2 years. It was all about Intel 240 GB SSD of 330 Series of Solid State Drivee.