Review of iPad app: Reveals hidden waves of Wi-Fi and cell signals

Apple has always been a product which has made news for some of the craziest updates in technology. Thus, the product does rank better in making some good news. When there was a launch of iPad app no body knew it would create such headline but today it ranks to be one of the best. Thus, iPad app tends to be one of the craziest inclusion in technology.

We all tend to get excited with every new technology that sets in. That is because we believe that they possess to power to change the world. The new iPad app also contains many added and exciting features which are amazing and nice.

Why is it making news?

Netherlands-based nice and also interactive producer Richard Vijgen has called the iPad app Architecture of Radio and also in addition to this detection of Wi-Fi, he also claims this to even picks up signals from the various cell towers and also observation satellites. Check out the video below for the live demo.

It has been making news because it is a new feature and something new. The app actually hasn’t been released to the people yet, but it has got a perfect video demonstration offers which tends to give a brief peek at how it exactly works. In the kind of video, there is a person which makes use of the app to pick up a nice and versatile wide array of some Wi-Fi and communications signals that are even perfectly represented by some circular waveforms tending to cascade across the various screen like ocean waves, accented by good radio static sounds indicating great new signals.

It is nothing but an able site-specific version of the very interactive app that will also tend to detect wired communication nodes which are even embedded in a crazy exhibition space which will be on display beginning of this month at the varied ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in Germany.

There is also an iOS version of the app available which perfectly Vijgen refers to as a perfect field guide to the given, hidden world of digital networks. This device will be released in the month of December, and also an Android version will be made available in early 2016.

So there is hype of this amazing Apple product.

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