iPhone 4, iPad 2 G for AT & T infringe on Samsung patents

It is very interesting how Samsung won the patent victory against Apple even though the victory is just considered as an empty one to some extent.

Apple Company took Apple to court by arguing that some of the Apple’s products actually violated its 7706348 patent right. There are some of the Apple’s devices that have been put in this struggle between the Apple Company and Samsung.

Which devices are involved in the infringement?

According to the sources that witnessed the case of the infringement, the devices involved here includes the 3G network connectivity, the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3, the iPad 3G as well as the first generation ipad which is the iPad 2 3G and all of these devices are from the AT & T.

These older devices like the first generation ipad were found to infringe on the rights of the Samsung according to their claim of the infringement. The only devices that were found to be safe in this category are the devices of the Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, the questions that beg is that some of the Apple devices actually uses Qualcomm chipsets and this does not really infringe on this particular patent in question so how come the others were infringing the rights. Even the Verizon’siphone is also using this particular Qualcomm chipset and it is not infringing on the patent.

 Are these devices still on sale in the markets through the carriers?

The devices will continue being in the market and they can continually be imported during the presidential review period of 60 days. This is according working routines and regulations of the US patent system. This will also apply if the Apple has filed the bond where the bond is just a formality as it is for the amount of zero percent of the entered value.

If this is happening, most people can have a thought that AT & T is actually making many sales out of these devices but that is actually not the case. The iPad 2 3G and the iPhone 4 are the only devices that are still on sale by the AT & T.

However, the company in the issue which is Apple said that they will appeal and this may cause no impact on the devices’ availability in the US at the moment while the case is in the process and continues to take place in the courts.

It is now upon the users who are in need of these devices to get them in the market while they are still available.


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